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Wright Venture Pitch Competition

On April 3, 2021 Tumble participated in the Wright Venture Pitch Competition hosted by The Raj Soin College of Business at Wright State University. The competition included a 10 minute pitch with 5-10 minutes for questions from the audience. Thanks to our phenomenal presentation skills, ambition, entrepreneurial mindset and the vision we have for Tumble; we placed 1st in the competition and received a $5,000 cash prize from Wright State University, and a $1,000 cash prize from Barry James, President/CEO at James Investment Research.

On-demand laundry service wins Wright Venture | Wright State Newsroom

As a result of our success in the Wright Venture Pitch Competition, Tino Bovenzi, Spectrum 1 News Reporter, reached out to do a news segment and story on Tumble.

Startup laundry service TUMBLE aims to make doing laundry easy | Spectrum News

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