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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help you!

What happens if Tumble LLC loses or damages one of my items?

We encourage you to open your Tumble LLC bags as soon as they are delivered to confirm that all is well. Tumble LLC requires that any issue be reported within 14 days of delivery. In the rare instance that something is damaged or missing, we can start working to make things right as soon as we’re aware. And, the earlier we’re alerted - the more likely we are to come to a successful resolution.

In the case of a damaged item, we will work with you to determine if it can be repaired or restored to good condition. For those items that cannot be satisfactorily repaired, or for any missing items, we will reimburse you for up to the full value of that item, following our terms and conditions. Note that our terms and conditions limit our liability up to:

  • $750 per Wash & Fold or Hang Dry transaction

  • $1,000 per Dry Cleaning transaction, or $200 per Dry Cleaning service item

Most repair or restoration attempts do require the clothing to be picked up for assessment. And, for any damaged items over $500, Tumble LLC does require an assessment to be completed. This assessment requires that we pick up your clothing and work with our Cleaning Team to assess the source of the damage and the ability to restore or repair it.

Additionally, Tumble LLC is not liable for any normal wear and tear that results from the cleaning process. While our service optimizes for water use and features trained attendants skilled at removing stains and delivering the freshest press or fold, there is otherwise nothing fundamentally different about our processes or equipment that would cause wear and tear unique from washing at home. “Normal wear & tear” includes:

  • Shrinkage of items serviced according to care labels. Some fabrics are simply prone to shrinkage despite proper care. This is due to their type, quality, construction, and age. For example, cotton is a fabric known to shrink despite care being provided following care labels.

  • Tiny holes and tears. As garments age, they grow increasingly prone to the development of tiny, sometimes “pin-sized”, holes or tears. This is, again, related to the age of the garment and the type of material used. These would, unfortunately, develop no matter where the laundering was done.

Lastly, while our team of experts is trained to identify items that may be meant for a different service type, there is also an amount of “trust” placed in our Customers to sort their clothing according to service type and use our proper service type bags. Therefore, if a Dry Clean-only item is serviced as Wash & Fold, and it is found that the item was placed in the black Wash & Fold bag by the Customer, Tumble LLC’s liability is capped at 50% of our order cap.

What is Tumble LLC’s policy when it finds pre-existing damage?

If our cleaning team identifies any potential risk of further damage during the cleaning process, we will pause and consult with you before proceeding. While we thoroughly inspect all garments, Tumble LLC cannot guarantee the prevention of all damage.

What does Tumble LLC do when it finds items with the potential for color bleeding?

If we detect that a garment is likely to bleed color, we will return it to you without cleaning to avoid risking other items. Despite any release of liability, we cannot process these garments due to the potential hazard to other clothes in the same load. We meticulously check for unstable dyes, often caused by manufacturing processes. For garments prone to color bleeding, we suggest spot treating by hand washing the affected areas at home. If you have questions about a specific garment, please reach out to our garment care experts at

Does Tumble LLC re-clean clothes if the stain doesn’t come out?

We will re-clean items once we receive them back from a cleaning partner and believe there is room for improvement or they fall short of our standards. We have built several steps in the cleaning process to ensure your garment(s) always receive the best care.

If we believe further attempts to remove a stain may cause damage to the item, we will return your garment with a tag attached to the bag indicating so. Additionally, Tumble LLC is not responsible for items that are heavily damaged due to pre-existing stains.

What happens if I receive an item back where a stain remains and a tag is not attached to the hanger or bag?

Let us know either by emailing us at, texting us at 937-540-0599, or via our Valet. Given the sheer volume of garments we clean, there is a chance one will slip through the cracks every once in a while. We will re-clean your item once for free. We will let you know if we believe it is at risk of damage.

For additional assistance or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by texting (937-540-0599) or emailing (
Our team is here to help and ensure you have the best experience with Tumble LLC!

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