TUMBLE is partnering with The Laundromat!

Drop your wash & fold laundry off at The Market

We'll give you a receipt and process your order ASAP

Pick up your clean laundry when it works best for YOU!

TUMBLE and The Laundromat Coin Laundry are getting together to make laundry more convenient for you. Introducing TUMBLE drop-off wash & fold!

How It Works:

Head to The Market (located directly left of The Laundromat) to place a drop-off wash and fold order.

An employee will weigh your laundry, ask for your name, charge you for your order, and provide a receipt. Your receipt will include the time your laundry will be available for pickup.

Pick up your laundry from The Market any time after the date & time specified on your receipt.

The Market hours:
Monday-Saturday: 9am-9pm
Sunday: 10am-6pm

Customers can use their own bags and will be charged a rate of $1.85/per pound. Customers who purchase TUMBLE bags will be charged a rate of $1.80/per pound.

TUMBLE Laundry Bag

Purchase your own TUMBLE laundry bag to save $0.05/pound on your wash & fold orders! Holds up to 40 pounds of laundry.